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So you want to get a tattoo? Wanna design some tat's? Or do you appreciate body art? I've been thinking of getting a tattoo and it gave me this idea. You design a tattoo. It can be anything really, but since this is an anime oriented site, maybe you can design an anime style tattoo, or draw your OC with a tattoo. Doesn't HAVE to be anime, but it'd be cool to see. Be imaginative! I have no preferences really. Not many rules either, other than it can't be too graphic (no complete nudity, we have virgin eyes here). Just follow the basic laws that you do everyday (if you don't, well, then don't get arrested).

Here's some ideas that I though were pretty neat, just examples, you don't have to be professional:

Giving ya a lot of time so no need to rush. Winners get a medal and a nice pat on the back. First prize... hm... a drawing of anything you want, but it has to be on moral grounds (so no cannibalistic orgies). If you got a specific question, just ask. I hope this was thorough enough.

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