artypants1017 3- Back to School

My third challenage! Woot!
Well what the hell, lets go back to school everybady! ..... F! that!

In this challenage just draw anything that has to do with school.
If you want to make a little comic page for it go ahead. But it just has to be 1 page to count for a fan art.

  • You can choose any anime :3
  • it does not have to be colored
  • 1 summittion per person
  • New art work
  • YOUR own art work
  • I would like to see the finished art, but you feel lazy you don't have to.
  • PLEASE do deicate it to me so I know how many summitions there are.

If you want to draw yourself and friends go ahead
or an OC at school go ahead

You can do anything that has to do with school.

But all I ask is to keep it at lest PG or PG-13

OK, if you have any questions, I'm here.

Have fun!


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FALLing for you~ ~Captain Ronnie
Back to School ~FFNaru134
Kingdom Hearts School Girlz ~vampirewolfgirl13
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