Chibi Light Animal Chibi

Well this is my first challenge the challenge is to create a chibi in any style of any type of animal

1.)You are allowed to use both traditional and digital art.
2.)No copyright characters they all have to be your original work.
2.)No made-up animals.(ex.real animals- sheeps, snakes etc)
-Can be half human half animal, full animal.
3.)You can submit only TWO pieces of art work.
4.)Make sure it colourful because your have more chance of winning.
5.)You have to make your drawing chibi.
6.)Follow theO rules.
7.)No nudity.
8.)You can add people or more animals.
9.)Make sure you put in the desciption of the animal that you have used and why you have chosen this animal.
10.)If you don't follow these you are disqualified.


  • Colour
  • Tone
  • Perspective
  • Use of materials.
  • Try and make a background : D

1st place: Full body/chibi w/background requests by nica624+ medal+ gift
2nd place: Digital art chibi with backgorund by ChibiLight+ medal+ gift
3rd place: Traditional lineart chibi by ChibiLight+ medal+gift

All participants will get a 'Thank You' gift.

If you have any questions just comment and I'll reply soon

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OmgItsMandaPanda SunnyWinslow IchigoKuromaru09 Pantera17 littlekari VocaloidFreak Champire Haru 93
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Goats of Course ~IyamiNaHamusutaa
A Fox and His Friend ~tsukiflower
Animal Chibi Challenge ~superstarpanou
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