Draw A Person In Two~!

Yay, I've been promoted! I'm so happy~! I've been waiting for this moment for a very long time~!

For my first challenge, I challenge you to draw something like this:
a. Draw any anime/manga character that you like. At the same time, try to connect the character to other character in another anime/manga. I don't mind how you do it, it's up to your creativity.

b. I'll tell in details. Here; think of a character. Then try to think another character in another anime/manga who looks like him/her.

c. Here's the part; Draw him/her out, as himself/herself. Not changing their look, try to make him/her look like the second character you are thinking of.
Sure, you can add a little details in them, but be careful, I want the first character be as possible him/herself.


  • Follow the site rules: Must be PG-13 and so-on.
  • Please include the anime/manga name and also the character's name plus the second character that you try to portray in the first one.
  • Unlimited submission. :3
  • Creativity is the keyword~ ;D
  • It is not necessarily male-male/female-female; you can draw the character in male and portray him out as a second character which is a female, and vice-versa.
  • As in above (c.- underlined ones)

1st Place: A medal, a gift, a requested fan art and I'll sign your guestbook.
2nd Place: A medal, a gift and a requested fan art.
3rd place: A medal and a gift.

I think that's all. But if you have further questions about this, please just ask right away~! ;D

You have three months time to do this. Ganbatte nee~!

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