Yuri16 Poke-starter

Hello to the people of theotaku. I have a fun challenge for all you pokemon fans out there. I want you to create your own starter pokemon. Also show what it will evolve into. The main requirements are that it is either a fire, grass, or water type like in the series and games. You can add on elements as it grows. ( example Fire/Dark) You should give it a name and put in the labels like in a poke-dex. (Oh I forgot, you may only enter once)

1st place- 1 metal, 3 plushie drawings of choice and a subscription

2nd- place- 1 metal, 2 plushie drawings of choice and a subscription

3rd- place- 1 metal, 1 plushie drawing of choice and a subscription

If you have any questions feel free to PM me. The contest is going to be going on for a while, so you have plenty of brainstormin' time.

Have fun.

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Embron- starter pokemon contest entry ~twiliwolf
Starter Challenge - Fire Pokémon ~Felix the Cat
Caisen ~gaidek
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