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I notice that Anime and Manga hasn't been showing a lot muscle women over the decades, so I host here a challenge where you are to draw any attractive-looking female character from Anime or Manga, but with a muscular-but-still-sexy look (think She-Hulk-like muscularity). While there are no entry limits, you can draw the females in any costume/clothing you want to show them in (whether spandex, torn-clothes, gym wear, swimsuit, costumed crimefighting fit, their usual wear, etc) as long as defined muscle is exposed (whether arm muscle, leg muscle, abs, or even all of them). Crossover pics are welcome too. Entries can be any medium (whether traditional drawing, painting, 3D art, or digital 2D drawing). I'll be judging not only on the art quality effort, but also on how well you balance between using muscular definition and keeping the Anime/Manga females looking sexy. So good luck to all of you entering this challenge, and have fun with your work.

For examples of drawing women to look muscular and attractive, see four of my works, all listed below:

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muscled Misty ~entropy0013
Terobias Artwork ~binigwasay
strong ku fei ~sky-phoenix queen
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