Starscream Crunchy, Munchy, Delightful, Divine!

Crunchy, Munchy, Delightful, Divine. I just love eating sh-AH HELLO THERE! And welcome to me latest challenge.

Now that my 'serious' summer-related challenge is over, I thought I'd provide a bit of fun and comic relief in the form of a joke challenge.

Axel's Chewing Challenge

If you don't get the joke and haven't seen the video to go along with this meme, visit Youtube and type in 'Poop the Kidnapped Princess' as search terms. This will bring up a video. I will not post the link, as it does contain mature content. So, just be warned.

Alternatively, you can view a safe image of the famous 'Chewing King' as reference for the sarcastic 'Chewing Face' here:

Draw yourself, your friends, or even your favourite character from an Anime, a game, a cartoon, or book doing the sarcastic chewing face.
They could be chewing at someone sarcastically, or even just chewing on their own. It's up to you. Just have fun and make us all laugh! :D You can enter as many times as you like.



  • Your entry must be 100% your own work.

  • (Not that you probably WILL have any chewing art, but...) No entering old art.

  • Your pic MUST have the sarcastic 'chewing face'!

You have two months, chewing fans! GET CHEWING!

O3O O_O O3O O_O - Da na da na da na!

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