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first challenge... what if nobody enters?! ahhhh!!!!! I'm so scared!!! save me, someone!!! T0T

ah... okay... lets get this started. kuroshitsuji is my favorite series (next to naruto) and.... well... I've been wondering what I should do... and.... yeah. I gave birth to a fan art contest involving badass deamons... yes, lets put it that way. >_>

SO!!!! I would really like some kuro-love!!! draw any thing you like from black butler!! ANYTHING!!! it could be sebastian, ceil, alois, claude. even your own fan deamon. as long as he/she is badass. or super pretty. really, anything. (I'd really like a female deamon. that would be cool!)

ah, rules... milks favorite subject... wait, what...?

1. keep it CLEAN!!! I'm not a pervert. and I hate perverts. I'm fine with yaoi and yuri, but I WILL hate you if you post something that crosses the boundries. and I will not pick yours >:(

2. I don't care how many entries you have you could have 1. you could have 1,000,000. (1,000,000 sounds good...).

3. It can be old work, as long as it's amaizing! if you don't think it's that awsome, don't enter it.

4. it doesn't have to be colored. if it looks good black and white, by all means, post it.

5. Have fun!!! (... did I really just type that...?)

put roses in it, if you can! they are my favorites! if you can't, that's fine. oh! it doesn't have to be baddass. I like cute, beautiful, and funny things, too. Just fallow your heart!!! (flames of passion, ignite!!!)

prizes (oreos' favorite subject)--

first- the little riben thingy, a gift, and some fanart dedicated to you of the person/ thing you drew. (It might take me a wile, because my scanners broken...)

second- a gift and a sketch (of whatever I want...)

third- two gifts. one sounds like a little sad too me...

oh, yeah!! do NOT dedicate it too me. dedications are special and should not be waisted!!! they are a gift of friends and contest winners and creators!!!

you have two monthes. now, go!!!!

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