ArcticFoxDemon The OC Furry Art Challenge

Hey everyone! I'm ArcticFoxDemon! I'm introducing the OC Furry Art Challenge!

Draw a picture and include your OC ,and anyone else you want, as a animal! XD And since Furry is part of the challenge name, any furry animal will be accepted! ^^
Your furry characters can be doing anything,taking, playing, dancin to music, whatever! XD Im very interested in seeing your creativity! ^^

There arnt many rules, you can submit as many times as you want, you can have one furry character or you can have a whole pack! =D it doesnt matter to me!

Make sure to keep your art in good taste! "But Fox, youre in college and..." i know i know, but stuff thats R isnt allowed XD haha Nice try hehe.

The art will be judged by me, and a few of my friends who are art majors in college ^_^
( for I am only a music major and can judge art only so much XD haha)

I am very interested in seeing the level of creativity and your impressive artistic nature!

If you are interested in drawing my OC along with yours, my OC is named Fox, and he is a male, white, Arctic Fox with yellow eyes and a bushy tail XD
1st Place: 3 gifts, and a CD.
2nd Place: 2 gift
3rd Place: 1 gift

and if i figure out how medals work those will be a prize as wel XD



REMEMBER! Please include your Furry OC in the art!
If there are any questions please PM me and I will get back to you as soon as i can ^^

I am going to allow Anthro's =D many many of you asked what my definition of furry is and asked about doing mixes, so i will go ahead and allow it =] Happy Creating! <3

First Place - SigillumDiaboli
Second Place- KuboRocks
Third Place- arabians101

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