Smiling Isoka Hetalia World Cup!

Hello all! It's been a while, hasn't it?

As most of you may know, the World Cup is (sadly) drawing to an end! But, to keep the spirit of the games alive, I have a challenge!

Draw some Hetalia characters in their soccer/futbol/football uniforms for their country! It's that simple! You may draw them simply in uniform, or out playing, or whatever you'd like! Colored, uncolored, digital, hand-drawn, as long as it's Hetalia!

Extra credit if you draw two people on the same team (ex: North and South Italy together or Germany and Prussia) or two people about to go head to head (ex: Spain and Germany).


1. Nothing inappropriate (really, how can anyone make SOCCER inappropriate!? XD)
2. Have fun!

Other rules will be added if needed.

Lets keep it to a max of two entries per person. Note, if you enter two pieces, you'll only get a prize for one of them! That wouldn't be fair if it was otherwise!


(yes, I realize I still haven't finished prizes for my last contest. They are in my sketch book, being worked on. PROMISE! ;D)

1st Place: one gift; one card; and one colored, hand-drawn art request by me!
2nd Place: one gift; one card; and one un-colored, hand-drawn art request by me~
3rd Place: one gift; one card; and an avatar
Everyone Else: a gift for your time! :D

So let the fun begin and good luck! You have 2 months!

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