Make Me Impressed.

from sketches, to linearts, to traditional artworks, to digital ones, anything will do!

nowadays i'm really bored of the artworks i see on theO. SO! think of some really interesting concept! make it so awesome till it makes people go BAM! WOW! :D

but beware, i really have super high expectations (no kidding!). so don't ruin it!!! yeah, though my own artworks can't live up to my own expectations! LMAO! XD

btw, you can even make it really fun/cute looking if you like! [GRAH, just make me fall in love with it! ==]

you may draw anything you like just as long as you think it can impress me. well, hentai is definitely NOT ALLOWED! a big BIG NO! even the least bit! >:I
. . . .hehehe o-kay, maybe a "lil" is allowed ;) *fufufu* BUT ONLY A LITTLE!

- - - -
there will be three winners. just in case there's alot to choose from ;)
[^maybe i'll change it later on if there are not enough entries :( ]

oh right! i'd also like all entries to be dedicated to me but it's okay if you don't.

here are some examples of works which have impressed me :)

PRIZE: a shiny shiny medal and gifts for all three winners *w*
EDIT: an extra prize'll be given to the 1st place winner ONLY. (which is, a congratulations fanart sort of thingy.)

i give everyone ONE MONTH to complete this challenge ;)

oh yea, any questions, just comment below or PM me :)

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