liveeverysecond Your Dream Guy/Girl

Heya! I thought this would make for an interesting challange Basicly, draw (or computer generate i dont care which) what would be (in your opinion) the most amaizingly perfect person in the entire unverse! Then in the decription, tell me about their personality! You could even write a story about going on a date with them or something, just be creative and have fun!

1 entry per person please!
Follow the rules of the otaku
Have fun!

Prizes: Gifts all around for the winners!

Ya got 2 months, GO!!!!!!!

Extra: This has nothing to do with the challange, but Clueless 101 has created a new rpg, Awakening Angels, its based off of DN Angel, so check it out, it'll b fun!
Thank you so much to all who entered, it was very interesting seeing everyone's dream guy/girl! I hope you all find them one day! :3 You're all winners to me, so thanks again for entering! ^_^

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Dream Guy ~
A dude. Whatever. ~corn
4 5453 968 ~mathildebak
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