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Yes. I only JUST realized that I have the power to create challenges now. -.-
I have several contest ideas up my sleeve, but I wanted to do something simple first, that's probably been done over a bazillion times.

But I would like to see artwork (Actual art, wallpapers, or cards) portraying what you think true friendship it. It could be a picture of two friends hanging out, could be of a flashback from childhood, etc. To be simply put, it needs to portray friendship.... Doesn't even need to be of a current friendship, it could be of a friendship past with a person looking back on what it was, on what they miss...

....Yeeeeah, that made close to no sense. But if you have any questions or what not just comment *points to comment box* or message me. *nods*

Yes. Thank you for entering if you do. ^^

Also, as far as prizes go... heh, I'm not very good with art, but I could try to draw first place a anime character of their choice. Second and third can get a waaarm fuzzy feeling all around inside and medals. *nods* And a gift. Yes.

-Blood Huntress-

You have two months. GO.

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