Self-portrait (:

Hello! This is the first challenge I've created, so it's pretty simple. Draw yourself being...yourself! Make it you wearing your favorite clothes, doing your favorite acivity (playing a sport, drawing, eating, etc..), whatever floats your boat. Be creative (:

-Only 1 entry per person, please!
- Can be anime style or realism, doesn't matter
- Can be black/white or colored; colors may help as far as creativity goes though (:
- Digital and traditional are both fine!
- Keep it appropriate and follow theO submission guidelines and yadda yadda
- Must be an ORIGINAL WORK!! Any tracing/copying will be disqualified
- Have fun!! :)

Judging criteria
Entries will be judged based on:
- Creativity/originality (20%)
- Effort (30%)
- Overall quality of work (50%)

- 1st place: 2 colored requests (fan art category) of your choice
- 2nd place: 1 colored and 1 line art request
- 3rd place: 1 line art request
- All other participants: 1 pencil sketch of your choice Hey I'm really sorry guys... I didn't plan too well and I really wasn't expecting as many entries as I got, and I'm going to be really busy now because of school and band so I just won't have the time to get to pictures for everyone. ): Sorry I'm a liar!!

Have fun and good luck!

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Like like like Glue ~
La-di-da-di-da~ ~LilGingerSweets
a familiar face! ~Natsu nii
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