Designing Faust Contest!!

Finalists for Design Faust Contest

Hello :) Thank you for entering my contest! Those of you who did not make the finals I am so sorry, but it was really hard and I hope you all understand.

The top finalists are the following:



Natsu Nii







There are a total of “6” people that made it to the top. However only 5 will receive prizes!

At the moment I do not know who will participate in the final round for the top “5” prizes. Confirmation should be given tomorrow.

Please remember that first prize is, you will have your drawing featured in my books with Faust as the protagonist. Meaning you will be my illustrator for those books only. Currently I have one book in the making be written, it should be finished within a year from now.

The top “5” artist, or “6” I am not sure yet, will draw a second drawing featuring Faust and his lover. It will be a simple drawing, not many details as the first picture, don’t be afraid.

The details for this second image will be written tonight, as I am still thinking about them.

Finalists will have 3 weeks to finish the second drawings as soon as I write out details for what I want drawn.

Thank you, to be continued.

If anyone still wants to submit Faust drawings you have until Monday morning, NO submissions will be taken afterwards. Bye~


Designing Faust Contest!!

Hello everyone, it has been 6 months since the design Faust contest began! It will be coming to an end this JULY 16th 2010!

Before it does however, I will be accepting submission until July 4th 2010, and last minute submission before the 16th may be given in if you are at least half way done or it just needs to be colored.

Reasons for this contest being held!!

I am a writer and I want to write 12 books within the next 4 years and start publishing the first book in August 2010. I need an illustrator to draw my characters because my artistic skills are just horrible, [with drawing people.]

I need ONE artist but I know there are sooo many amazing people, so this is a difficult contest.

Prizes have changed [due to horrible financial issues these past few months.] BUT I still have some good stuff [no worries, I am crafty ^.^]

Prizes are the following:

The top 5 artists to draw the best Faust will be given a chance to draw another character from my book [in the event that I am unable to decide on one winner.]

1st Place winner:

I will have a very big poster [3 feet by 1.6 feet] made with your version of Faust [and if size is small I will add designs to make it looks better.] Also a tote bag or a hat [pick one]. I can custom image your hat or tote or use the picture you drew, details will be discussed after you win.

You will be the officially artist for my books ^_^ [Keep in mind you will first need to draw a second character along with 4 other people first before I pick my final illustrator.]

2nd Place & 3rd Place winners:

You will be offered the chance to draw my second character for a shot at winning the place as my illustrator. You also receive a medium size poster of the First place winner and a mini print of your drawing of Faust.

4th & 5th Place winners:

You will be offered the chance to draw my second character for a shot at winning the place as my illustrator. You also receive a mini print of your drawing of Faust and a mini print of the first place winner’s drawing of Faust.


Prizes are awarded AFTER you draw the second character, because that is when I decided my winners, on July 16th I pick the top five, no order given.

From July 16th 2010 – August 1st 2010 you will draw my second character. Submissions by August 1st 2010 please. That way you can see you picture in my book, hopefully it is published this year.

Alright, now like before Rules & Information on Faust, etc:

This is a contest to draw my original character “Faust”. :) He is a very important character in my novels and will be featured often.

Here is my huge list of details [revised]:

I made the description into a link so its easier too view & read:

Click this link!

Feel free to ask me questions too :3 I wanna see some good looking guys ppl :O

Btw, since I thought of him you should keep in mind my idea of all men is VERY bishounen O///O So masculine looking guys will not look like my Faust!

By the way, I mentioned in my link of details Faust has a navel ring [belly ring], so the silver ring that is hooked onto the bottom of his shirt is the navel ring ^^; its not some dangle for the shirt, its suppose to be hooked to his upper navel o.o meaning his skin is pierced.

Here is a drawing by Bisko-chan .

While her Faust is not what I am looking for [sorry ^^;] the shirt is a good example of how the navel ring and top should be. She did a very good job with the details, but the drawing itself wasn’t what I was looking for.

Also the best looking Faust drawings are also here: by 15385bic by micahu by Natsu nii

I hope these examples and details help ^_^


**Minor Helping Info:**

Hii. Some ppl ask what Faust is like, so I sent a message to the first person to ask me.

Here is what I told this person:

Faust is a leading male in one of the books.

His personality? He acts very mature and sensible, but is very protective of his loved ones. He is pretty nice to girls [in a sincere manner. You could say a gentleman.] And he is often caring to sick people. He is very fatherly and kind. But if he gets angry [rarely as this happens] he can go as far as killing someone with his own hands.

He often lets women push him around and easily charms people only with his looks.

But even if he's kind and gentle he has a way of coming across as very violent and cold-hearted, mostly because of his dark eyes and grim apperence.

He can probably stop your heart Or at least that how he seems :3 [his good looks, perhaps?]

I think thats about it ^-^ Hopefully this helps :)

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