Morbid Dollie Night Of The Living Jack

OOOOK!! Sup home-dawgs?????????

Ok, whatever....ignore me, I'm in an odd mood.......soooo, this is my first fan art challenge EVAAAH!!!! I'm excited. I got the idea while I was stuck alone in my class room BOORED today, pretending to be schooling and I saw my Jack Skellington Mickey Mouse Hat I got from my trip to Disney Land.

I want to see what everyone's idea of what Jack SKellington would look like were he actually a human.......Lame, I know, but it's something that I think no one has done yet!

One month, generic rules yada yada yada

1st place winners - 3 walls from ME! Yeah, ME! THE wall expert, hahahaha!!! Oh, and 3 gifts from me, just for the heck of it! XD

2nd place winners - 2 walls and one gift

3rd place winners - 1 wall

So get your thinking caps on and make me a living Jack!!!

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loinuyasha AyakoBlossum sonnyparadisewish
The Nightmare Before Christmas
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Jack Skellington ~stinamuffin
Jack ~winterlionheart
A Welcome from Jack ~mickyodragon
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