Rei-syn Nobody OC Twilight Town Clothes

Welcome to a Kingdom Hearts related challenge.

Here's the challenge:
Design some clothes that your Nobody character would wear in Twilight Town.

The idea of this challenge is based of Roxas's alternative clothes in the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II. Apply the same idea to your own character.
Here's an example:

Here's the criteria:

  • Has to be colored by any means necessary.
  • Has to be a Nobody OC. No Heartless, Keybladers, or other characters allowed.
  • Clothes have to be original. No recolors of Sora's or any other character's outfit.
  • No Organization cloak!

I'm judging based on the originality of your clothes, not your drawing skill. Upon saying so, please draw as clearly as possible.
Any visual media is allowed.

First place: Full colored vector(shades and highlites) of character used in challenge, a small request, and a medal.
Second place: Vector flat colours of character used in challenge or a small request, and a medal.
Third place: Vector line art of character used in challenge and a medal.

If you have any questions, fill free to ask.

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