Sacrificed908 Create A Pokemon Legendary

I've been waiting FOREVER to be able to make this! (had to become a Senior first, though)

Alright so, the contest is:
Create 1, 2, or 3 legendary pokemon for my Comic "Pokemon Madworld"

>>>>>> Click to take a look! <<<<<<

Alright, the guidelines are:

#1- Two of them have to do with the mind and the heart.
The last one will be like the Rayquaza of the group. You have free reign over that one! XD

#2- In the description, tell me a bit about the Pokemon. How big is it? What are its moves? Its abilities? What type is it? How heavy is it? Etc, Etc,
Stuff like that. Also, it may be black and whie but, if it is, please tell what te colors are!
(If you don't have all this in the discription, i won't go hatting on you, BUT it may not have as good a chance to win)

#3- Think outside of the box! Comeon! I don't care if it's a totally whack Pokemon, I just don't want to see an already made pokemon with a few minor adjustments here and there!

#4- Have fun! I don't want you to feel pressured or anything during this. Pokemon is all about being fun! So get out there and enjoy yourself. The more fun you have making it, will probably make me notice it more in the long run!


1st place- Anima (By Artgrrl)

2nd place- Cordis (By Artgrrl)

3rd place- Knuu-Kaeragon (Touzkue)

I wanted To thank both of your for your submissions, although there is a small twist. While Knuu-Kaeragon is the third places winner, I will not be using it in the comic. I will be using Koios (By Artgrrl)
Thank you so much!!! You two are AWESOME!!!! ^_^
Prizes will be discussed through PM.

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Contest entry: Legendary Pokemon ~Artgrrl
My second contest entry ~Artgrrl
My first pokemon Knuu-Kaeragon ~Touzkue
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