iLuvAl Painting Lyrics


Pick a part of a song and draw your interpretation of it.
Ex. if I was using ''We're chasing stars to lose our shadow'' from the song, Fly With Me, sung by the Jonas Brothers, I'd draw stars and 2 people running to them with their shadows behind them because that's what I imagine when I hear it.
Ex. ''I won't be bent, and I won't be dragged along.
I want to stay honest to how I feel now.
I won't let you have your way'' from the song, Change, sung by miwa-- I'd draw Ichigo[Bleach] ripping off his mask.


  • unlimited submissions
  • name of song and song artist. Please include the lyrics you're using in the Description box or on your art.
  • can be colored [I'd prefer this.]
  • original characters [oc] are allowed
  • the drawing can be from any anime/manga/video game
  • no pervy, hentai, mature, etc. It can be something like what the twins do in Ouran.
  • can be traditional or digital
  • not stolen [must be yours]

this was so hard to pick winners! I wish they gave us more than 3 options 'cause I really liked them all.

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Original Anime and Manga
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I bleed my heart out on this paper. ~otakufangirl
.:++Follow me down...++:. ~Oasaka45656
The World Behind My Wall ~ecnelisterger
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