Rein Akira Your Myth

Challenge Theme:

Pick a mythical creature that describes you the best (or a creature of your liking) and make it into a character (male or female, but please make it somewhat human). You don't have to draw yourself as the creature.


1) Absolutely NO HENTAI or nudity. (If you choose mermaid and decide not to draw a top on her, please make SOMETHING cover her).

2) Please put the name of your creature in your description (at least).

3) Must be your own original character. (NO COPYING OR STEALING!!)

4)Time limit will not be extended to anyone. (Two months is long enough!)

5) If you would like to join (even if a message wasn't sent to you) please comment! ^.^

How I will be judging:

I will pick three winners of a gold medal in three catagories:

The best over all,
The most creative,
and The most effort.

I will have no outside help and I will not pick someone's art just because they are close friends to me.


1st place(s):

This place will recieve a colored picture by me, a lineart, and a wallpaper of their picture.

2nd place(s):

This place will recieve a lineart by me and a wallpaper of their picture.

All other contestants:

All contestants will recieve a wallpaper of their picture.


July 10th


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