VillageIdiot Straightjackets :D

I think straightjackets are awesome, so...Draw your favorite character, or an OC in a straightjacket!



Must be a new drawing specifically for this challenge.

Follow theO's TOS, of course. Blood/a little gore is fine, within the limits.

Can be B&W or colored, any style and medium you want to use.

Enter however many drawings/characters you want in it.

Not really a rule, but please dedicate it to me, it'll be easier for me to be notified about the entries that way.

Any other questions, just ask me~

Winner will get one drawing from me of whatever character they want.

You have 3 months =) Have fun, go crazy! XD

(PS-if anyone comic artists are interested in participating in an OCT [Original Character Tournament], check out this one: It takes place in an insane asylum so submitting entries for this challenge will help you practice drawing straightjackets :'D And, I believe he is still looking for judges as well)

EDIT: Congrats to the winners, please tell me what you want drawn :D

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Eternal Restraint ~foxfireburn
Let's Play Master & Servant ~NekoTenshiEmi
"Straitjackets :D" entry! ~twiliwolf
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