tiggerola Modest is Hottest

Fashion Challenge open to anyone and everyone!

Well with the world supposedly becoming warmer (we still have snow around here) stores are overflowing with summer clothes. I, personally, like clothes that look good but still cover my body.

So the challenge is to draw a character (or characters) in summer-appropriate clothes that are still modest! Have some fun with the fabric!

It can be a character from any anime/videogame/fandom/etc. or an original character you made up yourself.

It can be a pose for the outfit, or a scene of the character in action.

Any medium that works for you~traditional, digital, etc.

Thighs covered, skirts/shorts/dresses need to touch the knees please.
Shoulders covered, come'on, sleeves are fun!
Middrift covered, no bellies or I go Pillsbury Doughboy and poke them!
Back/Neckline covered, not saying you need a collar to choke the person, just potential of cleavage or shoulderbone is a bit too low.
Do make the person(s) happy in their outfit(s) :)

If it is a swimsuit on a girl, it needs to be a one-piece or the top and bottom need to be overlapping. Boys should have knee-length trunks.

The most stylish designs that cover the body will win gold medals!
Other fun outfits (as I can only award 3 in a challenge) will get silver medals!
Anything too skimpy will be disqualified.

This is for pure fun, so enjoy!

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Family in the Sun ~mickyodragon
Modesty ~Magnus Lensherr
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