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Okay third challenge.
Anyways. I need your guys help with something. I started a story called Digimon: Darkest Light. It takes place a year after the adventures of Digimon Adventures 02. But the problem I'm having is that I can't think up a design for the main character and the new baddie. Here's the info I have on them already.
New DigiDestined:
Sami Togi
Name: Sami Togi
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Personality: stubborn, some what reckless, treats everyone equally and fairly, acts like an older sister to most, has a tendency to get in trouble because of her video camera
Hair Color:
Hair Length/Style:
Eye Color:
Normal Clothes:
Digi Clothes: (Optional)
Accessories: purple and silver video camera; neck, purple sunglasses
Digimon: Bearmon
Digivice Color: Purple
Crest: Equality
Abilities: To see Digimon with a Dark Aura

New Evil:
Name: Agrium
Age: unknown
Species: Human/Data
Gender: Female
Personality: evil, cruel, creative (simple as that)
Hair Color:
Hair Style/Length:
Eye Color:
Accessories: half moon choker
Abilities: To send a Dark Aura into Digimon to control them and turn them evil


  • Please fill in the info (after drawing them of course)
  • You can submit up to two. (either both of one. or one of each)
  • They can be colored or not.
  • Please keep it sorta like in Digimon (the design and stuff)
  • They can be in any pose, with anyone, or even fighting.

First Place: The winner's design will be used as the main and (if you want) their Digimon OC will be used in the story (if they allow it)
Second Place: Second place's clothes design will be used at random (and if they want and allow) they're Digimon OC will be used as a minor character
Third Place: They're design will be used once in a while (and if they allow it) they're OC will be mentioned in the story

Everyone else will receive a medal. (Sorry if the pries suck. I don't think i could draw most of the peoples characters on here)

You guys have a month! (that's at least how long it will take me to get the plot straitened out)

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