NekoTenshiEmi Prepare for Trouble~!

Since our first contest didn't get any entries (sad face :( ) we decided to switch to another fandom...Pokemon!

For this challenge, please draw anyone in one of the main "Enemy Teams" from the Pokemon games!

To keep this relatively contained, please limit yourself to:
Team Rocket
Team Magma
Team Aqua or
Team Galactic

All work must be ENTIRELY your own.

We prefer traditional art, but will not disqualify computer-based art.
Please try your hardest~!

You can enter once for each team (4 possible entries each :) )
You MAY put more than one team in your picture (Group Shot)
Bonus Points for ACTUAL Fan Art of ACTUAL characters
Colored/Not Colored are both fine

Entries will be judged by both of us (two girls share this account), and possibly a guest judge artist.

Entries will be scored based on this scale:
- Originality : 15 max points
- Creativity : 15 max points
- Effort: 5 max points
- Technical Skill: 5 max points
- Following the rules/point of the challenge : 5 max points
- Overall Effect: 10 max points


Top 5 scorers will receive gifts
Top 3 scorers will receive medals

Top 3 scorers will also receive (If they want lol):
First Place: Colored Fanart of any ORIGINAL CHARACTER of yours. (This does NOT include Fan Characters!! Character must be from an ORIGINAL story of yours/a muse/etc.etc.)
Second Place: Inked Line Art of any ORIGINAL CHARACTER of yours.
Third Place: Sketch of any ORIGINAL CHARACTER of yours.

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Dream World ~wolfshadowlurker
Prepare 4 trouble??!! ~Xiao Mei
"Prepare for Trouble~!" entry- Tabitha! ~twiliwolf
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