Kissable-Krista Create a Demon.

The title says it all.

- gender can be either boy or girl.
- i would like to keep the 1st place winner's design for my story (although I might alter it a bit). :] 2nd and 3rd place winners have the option of keeping their own designs.
- I would appreciate if there's at least some color or some shading.
- there's no limit, you can go crazy with the design. Wings, tats, funky hair, whatever tickles your fancy. All I ask is that the character is an actual person and not a.. beast. But the person CAN have beast-like features, you know?
- keep it PG please, there are kids on this site. LOL.
- don't be shy! I'm not looking for a masterpiece, just an idea to help me. Your piece can even be a rough draft to win this challenge. haha

There will be three winners based on creativity. I (and possibly a fellow artist will help with judging).

First place - 2 colored art pieces of your choice.
Second place - 1 colored art piece + an inked piece.
Third place - inked piece + a sketch.

Hope you participate~ 8D

* Challenge will end in a month, so approximately May 1, 2010.

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