ShingetsuHime let the music move you

This is my first challenge so if it sucks, forgive me?
We all groove to the music, so why not our characters?
The mission: To draw a character movin’ to the beat!


-MUST HAVE MOVEMENT! No sitting/laying down with earbuds in allowed!
-does not have to be an OC. May be a previously existing character
-can be traditional or digital
-can be black and white or color (though I like ze black and white. Just saying)
-can be any style. Anime, realism, funky designs with the outline of someone dancing anything! I love to see everything!
-can include more than one character
-MUST HAVE TIES TO A REAL BAND/SONG! Whether its’s lyrics, a dance move from a music video, the actual artist,the title, or the logo on their shirt, it just has to be there
-give credit where credit is due please!
-give credit where credit is due please
-No submission limits


Along with the standard metal and I gift I shall send you, you also have the chance to win:
1st place: choose three-a colored picture of your OC with a background( one of the few that I have ever done mind you)/a card/a wallpaper
2nd place: choose two-a colored picture of your OC/card/wallpaper
3rd place: a black and white picture of your OC/card/ wallpaper
(I hope those sound even a bit appealing >_<)
Alright! Turn on your favorite music, grab your sketch pad and let those creative juices flow! You have TWO MONTHS! Have fun!

if you have any questions dont hesitate to ask!

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Dance Inside ~XrabidfangirlX
Let the Music Move You ~Sanseiu
Carmenl Dance, All Alone... ~
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