saekimidori Anime in 3010

What do you imagine futuristic anime to be like? Do you imagine mecha taking up the roads? Maybe flying saucers in people's homes? Or maybe all of mankind holding bamboo sticks... for who knows what reason.

This time, it's a little more difficult. Your challenge is to draw what you think anime will be like 1000 years from now. It has to be a setting; something going on in everyday life in 3010. And remember, it's anime! Anything can happen, so feel free to throw in a strange subject!

Hint: I expect a new style [in fashion] to be in!

Rules & Restrictions:

  • It has to be digital art
  • You have to color it
  • A background should be implied
  • You must be the artist
  • You can only have 1 submission
  • You can include your OC, yourself, or an existing character from any series, but cannot draw him/her as s/he was originally designed (clothing/style wise)
  • Include a line or two describing your scene/imagination
  • Try not to copy ideas from other contestants, play by the rules, and be nice!
  • You may not enter old drawings/etc.
  • Remember to credit where credit is due
  • You do not have to dedicate your submission to me

How it will be judged:

  • How well you follow the rules
  • Amount of effort I see from your submission
  • Creativity
  • Originality

1st place: A drawing of you [as an avatar] or your OC in your futuristic anime style AND a wallpaper of your choice* (choose up to 2)
2nd place: A drawing of you [as an avatar] OR your OC in your futuristic anime style OR a wallpaper of your choice* (choose 1 only)
3rd place: A wallpaper of your choice*

* All prizes will be done by me, following specific requests winners will give me through PMing.

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone who participated!
Please do so again in the future!

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