artypants1017 1- Anything

YEAH! ok, so this is my first challenage ever! :D
rules are simple.
anything that describes you, anything that makes you cry, anything that makes you happy anything you love, anything you blah blah blah... etc. etc. etc.

three months. I think that will be enough for now.
this is for anyone to join.
I'll juide by imagiation and creativity!

You can summit 1 to 4 art work

it can be colored,
black and white,
It can be anything.

That ONLY thing I DON"T want to see, is photoshop or anything like that to color it. Because it's not fair to people who don't have it.
but other then that, I don't care.

If you have any questions, I'm all ears.
If you don't understand anything I'll explain better.
If you don't know what to do, I'll give you idea.

Altight? I'll think of the prizises when I have a chance. But I do hope you like to enter this challenage.

oh, and one more rule....


1st place- 2 request and a gift
2nd place- 1 request and a gift
3rd place- gifts

and all will get a nice shiney metal :D

[end edit]
OK well the deadlines up. and alot of you have summited.
I want to cangratulate everyone who have entered. You all did an amazing job. If i you could I would give you all a first place metal because I love them all. But sadly I cannot.
I think everyone did great. And everyone should be proud of their work, and keep it up.
I'll pick the winners of my challenage, but I don't wish to upset anyone because You all should have won.

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zekrom ~trafalgar law
Chibi CHibi ~qtv49
Oh the park -doodle- ~Nino Umaka
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