IyamiNaHamusutaa Gather Ye Crayons!!!

This is my first challenge XD It took me like 5 minutes to actually find the “create a challenge link” so yeah XD

Thinks back to your childhood days when your small child’s hand could barely grasp those colorful waxy sticks we call crayons. Remember scribbling out a picture, and forcing your parents to display it on the refrigerator? Those were the day.
I’m sure you’ve all improved as artists since then. SO now I want you to find all those old broken crayons, and put them to good use! Use ONLY crayons to create an awesomely spectacular masterpiece. You can draw what ever ya like (doesn’t have to be anime), as long as you use ONLY crayons XD

1. USE ONLY CRAYONS! No pens, pencils, paint, Photoshop, ect.

2. Keep it clean please, blood, guts and violence is acceptable, as is yaoi, BUT please DON’T take it to the pornography level! O_o

3. Any style accepted; Chibis are ok. You don’t even have to draw anime if you don’t want to, you could draw a nice landscape or something.

4. I don’t want to see just a line drawing, YOUR USING CRAYONS, COLOR!

5. Note your picture can be in black and white as long as you use the black and white crayon ^^

6. Be creative, and have fun! (You may melt crayons) XD

Deadline: I’ll give this contest 2 months ^^

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Good Morning ~PuppylovePyro
Fun With Crayons! >:D ~FUNimation
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