Smiling Isoka Hetalia Olympics!

This is my first challenge! Woot!

So in honor of the Olympics (so sad to see them go) I'd like to see some Hetalia characters representing their countries in Winter Olympic sports! Any sport is ok as long as it's from the Winter Games! It can be any style of art, colored or uncolored, as long as you did it!

So short version. Draw a Hetalia character playing an Olympic sport for their country. Example: Canada/Matthew playing hockey!

You can draw characters competing against each other (Example: Russia vs. Latvia hockey game which would be HILARIOUS by the way XD)if you'd like, but it is not required!

Yaoi is fine. <3


1st Place: A Gift, A Card, and a Colored Fanart by your's truly :D
2nd Place: A Gift, A Card, and an Uncolored Fanart by moi
3rd Place: A Gift and A Card
Everybody Else: A warm thank you and a gift! :3

Happy Olympics Everyone!

HINT! SOMETHING I'D REALLY REALLY REALLYx1,000,000 LIKE TO SEE! Feliciano and Romano figure skating as a pair! OR Germany and Prussia doing some sort of paired event! IF IT'S AMAZING I'LL DO SOMETHING SUPER SPECIAL FOR YOU!!! XD

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N and S Italy Skating (challenge entry) ~inuchobits
Canada vs USA ~Pantera17
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