Lilyanora Masquerade

My First Challenge, hurray~

What I ask for is simple. As the title says, Masquerade.

You are to draw a character (or characters) in a mask. The mask can be of your own design, or you can borrow an idea from online. What I'm looking for most is how unique the mask is, and if it fits the character, but not necessarily the character you've drawn itself. Clothing style of the characters does not matter. It can be elegant and Victorian, to every day clothes. But if the mask does not fit, points may be taken off.

Characters may be OCs, or pre-existing characters. Pictures do not have to be colored, but it is prefered. Digital art and Traditional art have the same chance at winning, because the mask design is what really matters. Judging will be based on: Creativity, Effort, Originality.


1st Place: 1 digital and 1 traditional drawing (or wallpaper if you'd prefer)
2nd Place: 1 digital or 1 traditional drawing (or a simple wallpaper if you'd prefer)
3rd place: 1 traditional chibi drawing.

Two Months! Get your pencils and tablets ready and start drawing~

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