Manen Adaptation Time!

Okay,the challenge is complete!Sadly,due to the deadline and me being out of town,I wasn't able to see every entry.I'm very sorry to those of you whose covers I couldn't see >.<;

First prize goes to: A Walk To Remember!
Second: Wakka wakka:The Pacman novel!
Third:The Givers!

Thanks to all who've participated.Very sorry once again to those whose drawings I couldn't see for some reason ; ;

Alrighty!Since my Koldoon challenge didn't go over so well (),I've decided to try another one!And this one I have done myself and had a lot of fun with!I hope you all do too!

The rules are simple.Adapt your favorite book/movie/or television show into a manga cover.You may even adapt things that have already been adapted into manga or anime(example,my favorite book series Deltora Quest has already been made into an anime,but you may adapt it to your own view!)Even movies that came from books can be used!

Alrighty,let's go over the rules:
1.The cover can be drawn simply,such as just pencil,or you may go all out,such as Photoshop.I will judge on the creativity of your story interpretation and character design,not on how fancy your art is XP
2.Some sort of little copyright note somewhere would probably be good,such as "This ------ is a trademark of----" or something like that.
3.All artwork must be yours!
4.If you decide to do any romance stories with a smexy scene...well,it would be advised to stay away from such scenes,but if you really wanna,at least censor it so that it's PG-13ish >/w/<

The maximum entries you can enter is two =3

Okay,so prizes then!
1st prize- a medal(whenever I figure out how to give them out,haven't done so before XD) and two drawings of your favorite book/movie/TV/anime characters!
2nd-two drawings of the same above
3rd-one drawing

Please stay true to your choice and have a lot of fun!You can do whatever you want!...within boundaries,of course XD

You shall have two months to read or watch your favorites over again for inspiration and then to plan and draw.Message me if you have any questions!I can even extend the deadline if needed.

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A Walk To Remember ~iLuvAl
Wakka Wakka: a Pac-Man Novel ~hallowbait93
The Giver ~kita mikichi
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