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Here's a creative idea that I don't feel like executing, so what do I do?
Create a contest of course.

I want to see how clever you can get with a very long, very narrow canvas. Pour exemple, Naruto blowing a dandelion and the, er, dandelion fluff flying across the page. An up and down one could be Yuuki from Vampire Knight looking up at a red moon and snow falling.

Character can be from any series or can be original.
Pictures can be horizontal or vertical.
Pictures should be maximum in length or height (whichever you decide) according to TheOtaku submission requirements.
There's no minimum or maximum on skinniness, but it should be thin enough compared to the length slash height. You be the judge.

Prizes... Uhh, I can give out all three golds, everyone else gets a silver. Top 6 get my gifts for the month for their profile. And maybe maybe first place gets a request pic from me? *cough* if you want it?

Congratulations to the winners! You can see them below. Thank you everyone for participating, I hope you had fun. It was hard to pick which ones were the best, so I have three honorable mentions in addition to the medalists who will receive gifties. :3
"Tower of Salvation" by Tiggerola
"Angelic Abstract" by Red Kie
"Ice Sorceress" by Chemisis

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