JingleStansChibi Jingle's 6th!

Alrighty, alrighty!
As much as I feel like a cheeseball doing this, I'm gonna take advantage of the challenge system this year to hold my upcoming 6 year anniversary on TheOtaku.com! :D
(last year I think it came out just as my 5th year contest ended LOL)

I announced this in my journal for the few people who decide to read it...so lets make sure this goes as planned >BD

Draw an OC of mine, showcasing their personality the best you can.

I've been preparing with refrences so, Until I can get things more organized and draw more proper refrences...
Here is a link to my DeviantART journal containing a list and refrences to most of my characters.
A link to my ComicTalk! world with some refrences.


  • Obviously, keep with TheO rules, dawg.
  • Crossovers are allowed. This includes with anime characters, another character of mine, or even your character!
  • Yaoi/Yuri are both permitted, but if you decide to slash, keep it in character.
  • Colors aren't required... Sketches can be glorious too :B
  • you do NOT need to dedicate entries to me. I'll check the contest entries daily. (though if you really want to, I wont stop ya xD)
  • 3 entries MAX
  • It can be a crack picture...or something serious. I enjoy both equally.
  • yes, you can modify or change outfits if you wish.

Judging Criteria

  • PERSONALITY ACCURACY is the biggest one.
  • Effort
  • Creativity

And don't worry... I can have an eye for potential when I see it. Let's just say, if someone with beginner drawing skills enters against a 400subbed artist on this site....they don't have any less of a chance. I will judge NOT on the art but on the PICTURE itself....if it makes sence

PRIZES! (ohboy~)

  • 1st Place- A fancomic, up to 10 pages, of any script you hand me. I'll even draw an fan-comic if I have to (and for me that's rare), with, ofcourse, a Cellshaded cover to top it off. If you do not have a comic plotline, you can take some time to make one (I'm patient) OR I'll draw you a couple illustration instead C:
  • 2nd Place- A couple Gradiented Cellshade! ofcourse, along with a simple background~
  • 3rd Place- A single person Cellshade~! with a nice simple effect oriented background C:

-Just keep in mind I will not draw animals, Mechas or naughty bits :C

  • All winners will receive a Medal :D
  • All entries from one of my two comics will be featured on the SmackJeeves site for said comic (unless you say otherwise, ofcourse.) It'll link back to your Otaku portfolio.

If ya'll have ANY questions, feel free to ask! (you don't have to ask to join, or even be a subscriber, FYI)

This contest will end on 4/15/2010; the day MyOtaku turns 6! Good luck!

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