Sakuse Warrior


I need your help. In this challenge, I want you to draw a character wearing any armor or any clothing of a warrior. You can draw their weapons as well if you want to. I need thing drawing for my coming story "The Mystifying Mystique" and the cloths and weapons will be used to my story. I was out of ideas for the clothing and weapon. I already made some weapons but I still need more. Of course, all of the clothes and weapons will be use but only three winners. I'll say thank you right now for all who is willing to join. It's better if you color it, it also ok if not. Use pencil of tablet or any tools is fine.

I need an clothing and weapon of the following:

  • Spring Warrior
    Summer Warrior
    Autumn Warrior
    Winter Warrior

    Thunder warrior
    Evil warrior
    Demon Warrior

It's ok if you don't using the following. Please help me with this, I'm really out of ideas. Thank so much and have fun.


I would like to thank you all for helping me and giving your best. All of your ideas is a big help to me and will be used to my story. Thanks to all. To all winners well, just name want prize you want, wallpaper, card.... just name it.

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thunder ~excaliburer
Spring ~Koji Sujimoto
Frozen Innocence ~imouto chan
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