Kingdom Hearts Love <3

This challenge is for anyone who loves KH. This challenge is VERY easy. All you have to do is to draw someone from any of the kingdom hearts games. Even the one's that aren't in English yet. Well, I will be grading the drawing on a few things.
Quality. It needs to look like you took your time on it.
Color/shading. The shading should be good if you shade and the color should be smooth if you use color.
Accuracy. The character that you draw should look as much as the character you drew as you possibly can.

I will NOT accept photoshop drawings. Only traditional drawings.

That is all I can think of now. I might make edits later.
The prizes will be that...

I said that there were two months for this, and I thought I was wrong, but I realized it said the deadline was 3/10/09. So that is two months. SO that means that the drawing should be good!!!

First, Second, and Third place will receive a gift from me and of course, a gold medal. The others will get a participating medal. :D

I hope that you will enter this challenge. :D

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