In Zeh SSB Manga!

My very first chapter evahr!!!
Okay, here's the challenge...
You'll have to draw your favorite character from another manga/shows/movies/games if you wanna put them in my SSB comic that seems popular out of my comic section. But!! You'll need a very good reason or just a funny random one to why they are here....Just like Slade and Kid....and Grim and Clockworth(I think)..


  • It must be PG-13 No slight showing of public nudidy(BlahBLAHBLAH~!)
    Show a purpose of why that he/she is here in the description.
    Any stealin someone elses's art will BE DISQUALIFIED~!
    Shows the origin of that character(s)
    It can be one or two more characters in that art, but no retakes(Sorry first time)
    Have fun~!

First place: Place that character(s) in the comic for a good reason, plus, having his/her a Major hero/villain role in the comic and a gold MEDAL!~!

Second place: Place that character(s) in the comic for a good reason, once(In case ranning out of pages to show) Silver medal..!!(Plus a good pic of that character(s).

Third place: Showing that character in a minor role once. And a quick sketch of that character...(If there is,.. then bronze medal)!

The rest will have gifts Which I'll give for participation!

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