PheonixFox Maid/Butler Cafe

Using any characters you wish, please draw--what else?!--A Maid/Butler cafe!! You can use characters that are already maids or butlers to begin with, dress up others as these, or combine both ideas!

Ebb the desires of servile fetishes everywhere! Or perhaps just your own! You may have as many characters in your picture as you want (or as few!), even regular dressed people attending the cafe (or whatever other place you thin would be good!). Trannies are acceptable.

There will be three winners! If there are enough participants, that is!

So let's get cracking! Good luck out there!!

...I've totally been reading too much Kuroshitsuji and Kaichou Maid-sama!... ^_^; Let's see what we can do, guys!

----Post Contest----

Thank you to all who participated in this contest! All of the drawings were fantastic (flattery is my friend and brown-nosing is my past-time ;D) but I could only pick three. Thank you kindly for submitting your works, and as I hope you had fun (and sadistically hope you had all the trouble in the world) I wish you luck on your next contest!

Mine or otherwise! m(_ _)m

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butler cafe ~sweet chick
Welcome! ~SimpleEmiko
Lunch Break ~ComicallyDeranged
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