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Greetings! Welcome to my second contest. This is a simpler contest than my first, so I hope lots of people participate.

For this contest, I would like you all to design/create your own version of an Arrancar or Vizard in reference to the Bleach anime-manga series. The rules are as follows:

1. Create your OWN Arrancar or Vizad (can be either - You can use your OC or somebody else, but you cannot just draw a character from Bleach).
2. Color is preferable but is not necessary.
3. Traditional art (unless you have an issue - CONTACT ME if you do!)
4. Keep the theme appropriate. (We have young Otakuites here, so let's keep it good. )
5. Include your character's Zanpakuto.
6. Give a description of your character: his/her name, powers and abilities, etc.
7. HAVE FUN!!!

NOTE: You have 2 months to complete this entry. You have a maximum of 2 entries. Contact me for further questions. Good luck! ♥

"Tentative" Awards:
First place - Colored work of choice + gift & medal
Second place - Line art of choice + gift & medal
Third place - Line art + medal

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OC: Arrancar ~
Arancar/Vizard contest entry: Mika ~
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