tiggerola Reason for the Season

With just passing Thanksgiving and about to come onto holidays like Christmas, New Years, and others celebrated throughout the world, I'd like to host a challenge to celebrate it! Now in many places, Christmas has become a 'lovers holiday' but I'd like the focus to be more on generosity, caring, and selflessness!

So the challenge is to make a something that can be anime or not, about something that represents the True meaning of Christmas--Christ.

It can be someone doing something Christ-like in a series.
It can be a scene with anime characters acting out a scripture story.
It can be your favorite event/story/parable about Christ.
If it's abstract, please describe on how your art relates to Christ and your love for goodness...and even if it's not abstract, descriptions on how you feel are always nice ^^

I actually was going to make this a wallpaper challenge, but thought there'd be more freedom in Fan Art~But you may still feel free to make a wallpaper or greeting or even a fan word (poem/story/your testimony) and even though you won't get a medal from it, I'll send you a TheO gift (which you may request) just dedicate it to me and/or leave a link here in the comments to it! (oh wow, that option means you can submit something you already have done o.o brilliant!)

Do have fun with this and remember to be kind and generous to all who come across your paths of life! :3

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Maria´s lullaby ~micahu
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