Team Plasma N Pokemon Christmas & New Year

Happy Holidays and Welcome,

Well this is a fun contest that I have been wanting to hold for awhile. A Pokemon Christmas or New Years fanart contest on behalf of the Poke Gijinka Revolution club. This is a club where individuals make their own OC giinka's from Pokemon they love.

So since it is the season, and Pokemon are so much fun to draw I thought I would put a contest together for the members and for those interested in Pokemon Gijinkas to draw a holiday themed fanart of their favorite Pokemon in human form in either a Christmas or New Year setting. But there's a twist because I want to be evil to you all, you must include my OC Pokemon Gijinka Lux the Luxray in it. If you are interested in joining please visit the site (link is above) and chose a Pokemon to become. >:3 So here are the rules:


1. Members - Please draw your own character with Lux in setting you desired
Nonmembers - Please draw any pokemon of your desire with Lux.
2. Must be colored and detailed.
3. Be creative and have fun!
4. There will be no limit for entires.

Now many of you may or may not be familar with my OC so here is a little about Lux.

Lux Bio:

Pokemon: Luxray
Gender: Male
Type: Electric
Height: 6'2"
Hair color: Dark and Light blue
Eyes: Yellow/gold
Skin tone: Pale
Clothing Style: Long jacket with sharp fur on top by the neck. He wears some belts around his arm and wheres a blue tank top as well. His pants are a navy blue leather and he wears a a pair of boots. He also wears gloves that show the fingers threw them. He has red lines under his eyes along with a tail and adorable ears. His left ear is pierced. He also has scars on his back from his childhood.
Personality: Don't let his looks be deceiving, he looks like a bad boy but deep down he is a real sweet heart. He is very outgoing, sweet, clam, intelligent, tough, caring, stubborn, and very relaxed.

Reference of Lux


Of coarse the ordinary medals for each place but here's a little bit extra since I will be on vacation and will be able to do it.

  • 1st place - 2 colored pictures of their choice (plus a surprise gift)
  • 2nd place - 1 colored picture of their choice (plus a surprise gift)
  • 3rd place - 1 lineart of their choice (plus a surprise gift)

Note to members: Berries will be awarded. 10 berries for entering the contest with one picture. You will not get more berries for multiple pictures. Than if you are chosen as one of the winners 50 berries for 1st place, 35 berries for 2nd place, and 20 berries for 3rd place.

Please enjoy and I hope everyone who reads this take part because I think it will be a fun contest for anyone!!! You have 2 months to complete this in! Good luck and Happy Holidays!!!

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