animelover7310 It's Time For Christmas!

Yes, yes, I know it's at least a month away, but why not start now? It's Christmas Time! ^-^

It can be anything Christmas related, or if you have another holiday in December that you celebrate, it can also part of this challenge, by which it can also be Thanksgiving or New Years, since those holidays are also coming up!

I don't care if it's yaoi or yuri or whatever. Particulary, I don't really care what it is for this challenge, but just as long as it's apporiate! It can also be from an anime or manga! And, if you want, it can be theO related, because this challenge is dedicated to Adam for his hard work on theO! ^-^

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me! ^-^

Questions already asked:

Can there be chibis? Yes.
Can it be previous work from your gallery? Yes.
Can I post more than one piece of art? Yes.
Can we use OCs as well? Yes.
Is it all right if the picture is set around Christmas time, but not exactly related to Christmas? For example, a winter scenic view with a person in a festive dress or something. Yes.
Can we find a background on the internet, and then add our own characters, design, scene and whatnot? Yes, but just as long as you draw your own characers for the background and whatnot.

Now Remember:
It has to be your own character. Do not steal art! That is not prohibited on theO!


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