ChibiEdoGirl Attack of the Panda!??

Ok here is my first ever challenge and its a pretty random one!
Your mission: To draw one or two of your favorite anime characters WITH A PANDA! It can be a small panda, big panda, nice panda, devil panda, purple panda, green panda, ANY KIND OF PANDA YOU WANT! [Just keep it G rated. no hooker pandas please. ]
You have one month. Have fun and be creative!!
The winner gets a drawing of their favorite anime character in a panda hat drawn by me. [sorry if the prize is a bit lame, but this is my first challenge remember so be nice]
Have fun! I look foward to seeing what you guys come up with!
Some Common questions:
Can it be an anime character cosplaying as a panda?: yes
Can I use OC'S?: yes
Can it just be a picture of a panda?: No lets have some peaople in there too. If your favorite character happens to BE a panda, then just put another person there with them. ^.~
Hope this helps out with some of your questions!

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Kyoya Hibari and Mukuro Rokudo With Pandas! ⥠~SasoriXAkane
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