Cha Girl doodle dumps

this is out of pure rondom bordness!!my first challenge!XD
so here's the challeng(it shouldn't take alot of time) draw doodles(shocker!)!!!!
here are the rules:
#1.MUST be in RED or BLACK INK
#2.NO drawing in pencle then traceing outlineing with pens
#3.NO coloring(seriously the old fashion pen work on theO is getting screwed by SAI.not saying that SAI is bad or any thing just that if you mess up you can go and do it again till it's perfect. let's just try to use naturle abillites for now)
#4.On that note NO photoshop!
#5.NO yaoi or yuri(it's fun i know but not here ok)
#6. you MUST have FUN!

you can eather doodle oc's or your favorite fun love'n characters!
you've got 1 month go have fun!

all winners will get .......... pieces of metal what a joy!

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oh damn! ~
Doodle Dump ~Gero Chan
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