Creme Of Rolo Lolita me up~

Alright people! I am calling you to make the most detailed, Lolita, creepy, weird, and crazy picture you have ever drawn! I want something so weird and cool it'll blow my socks off! X3

Okay Rules:

* It CAN be a Character from a anime, manga, or your own OC. I dont care who it is!
*It has to be weird and something original and out of the box! It doesn't have to be lolita or gothic but I'd prefer it!
*It doesn't have to be colored, but I do like colored~ Although, it will not effect if you win or not.
*Please no yaoi, yuri.
*Couples are allowed.
*More then one person in the picture is fine.

For all prizes you will get a medal.
Oh, I'll sub to everybody that joins. :D
(And to be nice, even if you comment. :3)
First prize might get a picture depending on how busy I am. :P
Make me proud! ^^

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Dolly Dearest ~toyotami kun
ummm... ~
Delicious~ ~RuRuPon
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