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I understand this is an anime site but i can't tell you guys how tired I am of seeing anime. I watch the non anime stuff get pushed to the back and it's frustrating. Good or not it gets pushed to the back. Maybe I'm starting this the wrong way-
The point of this challenge is to do something different and to stand out in that. Animatious said to me today "I'm always wishing I could do some of the things you do" well you can. You just doubt yourself because you have no encouragement or will to try it. Create something that's nothing like your style.

Judging will be based on:
-Color [Black and White is not the way to go on this one. If you can't do color because for some reason your scanner is ancient talk to me first before passing this challenge up please]

Need Some Examples?:
o2 by 15385bic and Somegirl
Evanescent Feelings by Animatious
Express Yourself by FUNimation
BlueCRUSH by Somegirl
Birthday by HitomiTatsuyo

Inspiration Ideas:
-Stock Image Sites [search: vectors, graphic design, texture, etc.]
-ComputerArts Magazine [You can pick one up at any Barns&Noble or BooksAMillion]


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