beloved blood Gothic/Loli/Visual Kei Pairs!!! Any pair!!!!

Hello!!! This is BB-chan(ohhh, i wonder who gave me that beloved name, hmmm?- Not saying I don't love any of the others!!!! I'm forever grateful- er, let's get on with this!!) !!! This is my first challenge, so forgive me!!! Um, I wanna see some gothic/loli (and gothicloli of course), and Visual Kei pairings!!! Any pair you want!!

1. Pairs can be boy/girl, yaoi or even yuri!!! Just stay within the themes, please!!!

2. Some skin, if you want, but not so much (blushes).

3. Doesn't have to be colored, but color would be nice.

4. Any anime/manga, O.C.'s accepted!!! So are chibis!!!

5. Two months deadline you've got plenty o' time, so put some effort into it and have some fun please!!!

6. YOU CAN HAVE UP TO 3 ENTRIES!!!! And you may do gothic x visual kei or maybe gothic x lolita, and vice versa- since that is the theme.

Um, we shall decide the prizes when you win!!! You can have up to three for 1st, 2 for 2nd, and 1 for third. Choose from gifts, wallies, or fanart!! Be aware, tho, that I'm very slow when it comes to drawing, so... yeah!!!
Please everyone just have some fun and whatnot!!! I'm sorry this is so brief, but I've had a hard time filling this out ().
BB-chan loves the macarbe!!!

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Gothic lolita ~LucyMeryChan
gothic ~uzumakixhinata
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