Creme Of Rolo Let the bells ring and the candy fly!

TA-DAH! YAY! I'm finally able to create a challenge! *fufufufufu*

So~ I gather you all here today to create . . . A HOLIDAY PICTURE!
It can be for new years (A bit early), Christmas, Halloween, Your birthday! Any holiday that is close and coming up! You can use:

*OCs (From Real Anime)
*OCs (From your Anime/story)
*Anime Characters
*Book characters
*Video game characters
*TV Characters

You can use the following media:

*Pencil n' Paper (That also includes Colored Pencils, Markers, ECT. Any traditional way of drawing.)
*Computer Graphics

I would love to see your art colored but you don't have to!


*you may submit two pieces of art per person.
*No art stealing
*you may use a previous picture already drawn
*you may use a picture from a another challenge
*No youi/Yuri. Couples in this picture though are fine. (Just not youi/yuri!)
*Please respect one another
*Please keep it PG 13

Additional Details:

*It can be funny
*There can be more then one person
*It can be a couple Picture
*It can be a . . . fight scene.


All art will be judged on

*How well it followed the rules


*1st place: One fan art/wallpaper/card (Or all three) and a gift
*2nd place: A wallpaper and a gift
*3rd Place: A card and a gift

Make me proud!
~Creme (Soda)

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My december ~Sashyfrassy
Merry Christmas! ~sasukes1fan
Halloween Yuuki ~
Hi there friend!

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