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Anyone else aware of the awesomeness that is pinky:st? No? Well let me explain!

Pinky:st, also known as pinky street and pinky:street, are a type of figurines that are quite popular. Ever played Kira Kira Music Hour (Also known as Kira Kira Pop Princess) for the DS? No? Well it's awesome too! Since I'm no good at explaining things, why don't you just check the website! www.pinky-street.com

Now, what I want you to do is one of two things

1. Draw your favourite anime character as a pinky:st figurine


2. Draw an original pinky:st figurine


1. Keep it PG13+ (They are supposed to be cute, so they should be PG anyway)
2. Don't steal art (obviously)
3. Can be traditional or digital
4. You can submit as many entries as you want
5. Have fun!


There will be three winners. One for best design, one for most effort, and one for my personal favourite.


The more effort you put in, the higher chance you have of winning the "effort" prize. (Duh) That includes background, color, etc. If you want to win the "my personal favourite" prize, try doing one of my fandoms or something like that! For "the best design" I'm looking for creativity and originality.


Each winner will get one colored art and one lineart OR avatar. (As well as the shiny gold medal for your profile!)

You have two months, good luck!


My personal favourite: Stimmung by Pleiades Rising
Best design: Nana Pink St Style by aoneko
Most effort: Are you done yet? (pinky st) by moonsailor

Congrats to everyone who entered. You all did a good job!

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Stimmung ~Pleiades Rising
Nana Pink St Style ~aoneko
Are you done yet? (pinky st) ~
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