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So, for some countries, the holiday season is nearing and end. For others, its just beginning.

As a nod to all the hard working and kind people who work hard all day every day to make our holiday experiences truely memorable and to, of course, the destinations themselves, I am pleased to announce the opening of this challenge.


  • Draw your favourite holiday destination - This could be just the room you stayed in, your favorite taverna/restaurant, the beach, or even your own rendition of an actual photograph taken while on your holiday. (Don't forget to tell us where it is!)
  • I'm afraid 'I want to go here' pics are not allowed. The idea is that this is a homage challenge. (Which means it's a dedication to places you've BEEN to.)
  • This can be drawn in any style, realistic OR cartoon/anime.
  • Yes, you may draw your favourite characters in it (Anime/Game/Cartoon/TV/Movies etc), so long as you draw the location. Thats the important part! (However, self-insertion will be more welcome.)
  • Dont worry about skill! You don't have to be an amazing artist to enter. All skill types welcome.
  • NO TRACING! While you may copy a photo, you may not trace it.
  • No resubmissions. (This means that you cannot submit old work, you must create a new piece!)
  • Keep it PG13. ;)
  • If you can, include a link to a photo of your favorite holiday spot, the hotel you stayed in, or anything memorable for you.


1st Place = Medal + 2 sketch requests.
2nd Place = Medal + 1 sketch request.
3rd Place = Medal

Runners up get complimentary medal.

You have one month! So get to it, duckies. :)

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